Hotels Revenue will become your Hotel’s specialized consultant and will provide you with 100% support to expand your BUSINESS.

Static rates? NO, THANKS!

The mobile rates are what provides the edge. A rate that goes up depending on occupancy, a rate that motivates the customer to make reservation well in advance to find a better price.

This is the future!

Hotels Revenue, serving as Revenue Manager, will help you choose the best rates depending on the occupancy increase, following the Yield Management logic.

Hotels Revenue is your Revenue Manager.

The Hotel will enjoy an Internet shared document (Forecast, namely a prediction of occupancy) created specially by Hotels Revenue. Personalized, according to your requirements, and easy to compile, the document will have the starting rates as well as all the restrictions (min stay), the offers and the supplements/reductions of each typology of room. This way Your consultant will know in real time the occupancy status of your structure.
Thanks to the Forecast, Hotels Revenue will appraise the situation and will change constantly the rate according to the Yield Management logic to allow you to know, each and every day, the sale price on the online channels. This will favor a continuous interaction between the Hotel and Hotels Revenue.
Hotels Revenue will set the rates on online portals in accordance with what is outlined in the Forecast. The right rate and the presence of your Hotel on online portals will produce not only direct reservations but also, and above all, a worldwide visibility of the structure that a website alone cannot guarantee.