The tourist market is changing and the way to conduct business in changing with it. The customers are changing, ever more demanding, and, above all, the way of traveling is changing.

For a Hotel, being present on the Internet market is of utmost importance but ever more important is utilizing this market in a productive manner.

Hotels Revenue will enable your structure to increase its volume of business taking advantage of the limitless potential of the web, through an array of services that the Hotel by itself could not afford without the help of hired professionals and, therefore, astronomical costs.

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5 reasons to choose Hotels Revenue

  1. We offer you an array of services that alone you could not afford without shouldering excessive costs, taking into your employ numerous professionals.
  2. We have business relationships with all the most important international reservation portals (OTA): we know how they work, the criteria that establishes the ranking, we have business contacts for every circumstance, both commercial and technical, or related to the affiliation or the total management of the panel.
  3. We work individually on each panel or with the help of one of the several Rate Allocators/Channel Managers. We manage to be fully present in each portal by going through the sale statistics in order to increase revenue.
  4. We study the historical data of the structure for you. We create the rates based on it and taking into consideration the seasons and the demand. We know and we analyze the market, we compare notes with other market managers from all over Italy to study the demand and to decide how to set the offer.
  5. We change the rate based on the occupancy to maximize the revenue of the Hotel. We study your RevPar, the Average Daily Rate, and the percentage of occupancy and, based on this data, we work for You, in concert with You.