- Basic Portals Activation - Portals Plus Activation
Basic Bundle (5 portals) – Plus Bundle (10+ portals)
HR will introduce your Structure on the main international online reservation channels

- Photo Shoot

- Video

- Descriptive Texts:
Italian, English, French, German, Spanish, Russian

- Placement on Google Places (Google Business Center)
Optimization of the position on GOOGLE MAPS to improve the visibility of the structure with the search engines.
- Basic Portals Management

- Portals Plus Management
HR will manage your Structure on the main international online reservation channels, through availability management, Min Stay, opening and closing dates, etc…

- Basic Revenue Management Bundle

- Revenue Management Plus Bundle
Besides Portals Management, HR will manage also the Rates, finding the best strategy based on the historical data and the demand.

- CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
Thanks to a Software dedicated to customers' loyalty, HR will allow you to maintain a continuous and close contact with your customer base.

- Reviews Management and Analysis (Brand Reputation Management)
(Brand Reputation Management)
HR will analyze the reviews for you, helping improve the reputation of your Structure on the Web and allowing you to interact with your guests after every review.

-Social Networks Activation and Management (Social Network Management)
Thanks to a continuous workflow, everything your Hotel offers has to be present on the new social networks. Facebook, Twitter & Co., for all intents and purposes, are marketing tools and they need to be utilized to obtain the best outcome possible.
- Website Creation with Open Source CMS

- Booking engine on your website

- Channel Manager

- Hotel Commercial Consulting (Hospitality Promotion)
Commercial representation of the Hotel with Tour Operators, Businesses, Agencies, Consortia, PCO, OLTA, etc...

- SEO: optimization of website placement with search engines

- AD Words Campaigns

- PMS Hotel Management Software
Installation, assistance and technical support included!