Social Networks and Web 2.0: A new way of marketing. The world of tourism has evolved. Today we talk about tourism 2.0 as well as Web 2.0. A world where the real stars are the users. Customers who exchange comments, suggestions, leave reviews, in order to bring to the attention of the other one’s esperienza.Per do use the internet, the review portals but also and especially social networks. These channels are important today showcases where to advertise their product.
That’s why a property is essential to best harness the opportunities offered by social networks.
This is the new way of marketing. Facebook, Twitter & Co. are important showcases that should be exploited professionale.Occorre ongoing management of the published pages, you must monitor the progress of visits, the fans, need a specialized support in Web Marketing.
You may not know it, but you’re wasting your time because the Social are already doing the good fortune to someone else!

Hotels Revenue provides to all its customers and / or anyone who has an interest in a dedicated support to the social network! The service is also for without our advice Revenue Management.

Staff dedicated ONLY to Social, we will follow the start-up, updating content and advertising campaigns on all major Social Networks in a transparent and cost effective. Through Insight tools, all of you will always know the results of our work.